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Recent and Upcoming


Comparing Systems without Single Language Privileging

Society for Exact Philosophy
Storrs, Connecticut, May 2018


Selected Past Presentations


Moderate Deflationism for Literary Cognitivism

X Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art, and Morality
Valencia, Spain, October 2016

American Society for Aesthetics
San Antonio, Texas, October 2014


Special Science Interests in the BSA

Society for the Metaphysics of Science
Geneva, Switzerland, September 2016


Relativizing Laws to Kinds and Facts

Dutch Society for the Philosophy of Science
Kaap Doorn, Netherlands, May 2016


Interest Relativity in the Best System Analysis of Laws

European Philosophy of Science Association
Düsseldorf, Germany, September 2015

Munich-Sydney-Tilburg Conference in Philosophy of Science
Tilburg, Netherlands, June 2015


Measuring (Meta-)Physical Limits to Induction

Philosophy of Probability Workshop
College Park, Maryland, March 2015


Chance in Information Theory

European Philosophy of Science Association
Helsinki, Finland, August 2013


A Humean-Classical Account of Objective Chance

Society for Exact Philosophy
Columbus, Ohio, October 2012


Some Ontology of Jokes

British Society of Aesthetics
Oxford, UK, September 2012


Hoefer’s Justification of the Principal Principle

Australasian Association of Philosophy
Wollongong, Australia, July 2012